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Margaret Richard

2006 NFHOF Inductee

“Healthy American Fitness Leader”


Hometown: Buffalo, NY


Margaret Richard's Body Electric program first aired on national television in 1984 and her signature body sculpture technique (multiple repetitions with light weights) promises to create toned muscles, denser bones, better balance, and increased vitality.

The ever-expanding Body Electric catalog includes more than 500 Body Electric television programs, 40 videos and DVDs, and Margaret’s recent book, BODY ELECTRIC: Strong, Toned and Sexy in Just Three Hours A Week (McGraw-Hill; 2008).

Margaret’s 1999 testimony before the United States Senate’s “Special Committee on Aging” helped to highlight the importance of exercise to our health.  Her Senate appearance also resulted in a video collaboration with the National Institute on Aging as a companion to their book, Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute on Aging.

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