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2006 NFHOF Induction Ceremony


A Record Crowd Gathers for the 2006 National Fitness Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

March 19, 2006 - Addison, Illinois 

Our first formal induction ceremony was held in conjunction with the “Don of Sports” Awards and hosted at the Oak Meadows Golf Club in Addison, Illinois.  216 people were on-hand to experience the fun-filled event and witness the induction of the 2006 HOF class. 

Inductees on hand included:  Bonnie Prudden, Tony Little, Gin Miller and Dr. Bob Goldman.  It was great to see these legendary fitness experts together for this very special celebration.  The respect and admiration that they have for  each other is really great to see.

The Don of Sports Award was created by local celebrity, Don Figarelli and honors those individuals who have dedicated time and service to the community and have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship

The 2006 DOS recipients were Harry Theodore, Donald Ortale, Tom Michaels and Don’s brother Bob Figarelli.

"If you know Professor John Figarelli, you are aware of his passion for education and fitness and have probably heard of the National Fitness Hall of Fame.   I recently had the privilege of attending the Induction Ceremony for 2006.  The Inductees in attendance included:  Tony Little, Bonnie Prudden, Gin Miller, Dr. Bob Goldman and for the ACSM - Dan Henkel.

Bonnie Prudden was instrumental in helping make fitness and physical education a requirement in our public school system.  She personally met with President Eisenhower to discuss her research on the fitness levels of American children.  The President then decided to set in motion the development of President’s Council on Youth Fitness (now called the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports). I am sure many of us remember, each year, going through fitness testing to see how we qualified on each test during gym class!  Having recently graduated with an Associates Degree in Fitness from Robert Morris College, it was quite an honor and an experience to meet the people that help shape and promote a healthy and fit lifestyle for Americans.

The one thing that impressed me the most about the fitness personalities being honored was how approachable they were. Everyone was very interested in meeting and talking to us (the students) to discuss our dreams and goals in our new career as fitness specialist.  They freely offered advice and encouragement, in many cases giving references and contact information to assist in furthering our careers!
I want to thank John for inviting me and my fellow students to this historic event and encourage everyone to get involved with this organization."   ~ Scott Martin, Robert Morris College-2006

Don Figarelli Sr. & son John, Founder of the NFHOF