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Tony Little

2006 NFHOF Inductee

“America's Personal Trainer”

Born: September 16, 1956

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida


Tony believed in his idea and was determined to be successful. Armed with faith and confidence in his program, he drummed up his last spark of passion and drive, and went to find out what it would take to make an exercise television show where he could promote his one-on-one approach. A local cable company told him that it would take at least $15,000 to produce a limited local access program, so he started a company cleaning health clubs to raise the necessary capital. This show became a hit. Finally, in 1987, Tony met the President and Founder of Home Shopping Network, and they struck a deal. If Tony could sell 400 of his videos in four airings, then they could work together on other projects. It worked; Tony sold all 400 videos in four minutes! His success was due to the fact that he was the first person to spend the majority of the time on his video discussing motivational exercise technique along with muscle group information. Solid, sound advice became his trademark.

His devotion to helping others combined with his dynamic personality, energy levels beyond reality and personal before and after story have made Tony a favorite among both the public and the media as he continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide. He has appeared on everything from late night and daytime talk shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Ricki Lake to prominent news broadcasts including CNN and ABC World News Tonight among others. Tony has also been featured in such reputable print media as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times as well as 100s of health, fitness, general interest and celebrity publications.

Today, Tony is still breaking records as he continues to bring the fitness world new ways to get off the couch and get back in shape. His current accolades include 14 Platinum Video Awards, 9 Gold Video Awards, Record-Breaking infomercials throughout eighty-one countries. More than 45,000,000 people worldwide have benefited from his exercise programs. Without a doubt, Tony knows the formula for success. His life has been a painful one at times, but his attitude on overcoming obstacles is simple, "Conceive, Believe and Achieve™"