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2016 NFHOF Induction Ceremony

A 2-4-1 Event; A Duel Success! - 2016 NFHOF Induction Ceremony

& the National Fitness Hall of Fame Re-Opening in Addison, Illinois!

For Immediate Release: 6/26/2016 – Addison, IL

On June 26, 2016 the NFHOF re-opened its doors to the public.  Closed since 2012, the new facility is something to behold.  The 1,100 square foot museum, affectionately known as "The Hall" is divided into several rooms, each with unique décor relating to "Fitness History" and those who inspired it.

One such room, the Gadgets & Gismos room displays numerous products designed to inspire the public to get fit.   Some products were good, however most were gimmicky like the “twist board.”  Inspired by the popular dance-craze, “the Twist;” the twist board promised to get everyone in great shape by “dancing the night away” on this little board.  Several versions were produced and many were on display for all of see and try!

Current year inductee, Dr. Len Kravitz shared these great words, “the Grand Reopening re-established the important linkages between the past and present knowledge of the growth of fitness.  Understanding our past is the best way to shape our future.  The History of Fitness enables us to keep delivering our message of health through physical activity and exercise.”

“I get the best feeling when I hear all the kind words from the people in attendance,” said John Figarelli, NFHOF Founder. “Like the one from Dee Pinckney” who said, “What a spectacular event!  Everyone was extremely welcoming and it was so wonderful to meet so many people who have devoted their lives to helping others!  Loved looking at the history of fitness and was fascinated by all that John has collected to preserve that history!  Thank you John!”

2011 NFHOF Inductee, Jim Everroad from Indiana said, "this year's event was great again!”  The evening event, of course, was the annual Induction Ceremony where fitness professionals and fans gathered to see Fitness Legends & Superstars receive the highest accolade in the health & fitness industry.  For a lifetime career devoted to helping others “Get Fit & Stay Healthy;” NFHOF Inductees are forever enshrined in “The Hall.”

  • The NFHOF’s Class of 2016 included: John “The Beast” Azari, Dr. Fred Hatfield, Dr. Len Kravitz and Callan Pinckney
  • VIP Presenters included: Sara Kooperman, Kathy Kaehler, Bill Crawford and Frank “Rudy” Reuttiger 
  • The NFHOF’s Volunteers of the Year:  Beth & Charles Kuntzleman

Living Legend, Dr. Fred Hatfield summed up his NFHOF experience saying…

“Being nominated and chosen to be inducted into a Hall of Fame isn’t something I had ever aspired to achieve.  Of course, I was honored beyond words, but I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up in Chicago.  I was very pleasantly surprised that it was an extremely happy group of dedicated fitness professionals who showed up.

I am, as every one there, just a guy who has had a passion for fitness throughout my entire life.  The “History of Fitness” exhibit was a huge hit for me.  I recognized every one of the fitness gadgets there, and most of the books.  Waves of nostalgia were powerfully in the air for everyone there.   The re-opening ceremony was fun too.  I learned that the exhibit was closed for a period of time, and I hope it never closes again.   Maybe with the generosity and help of other dedicated fitness professionals, it will remain open for all time.  It was exceptionally memorable to hang out with all of the former inductees and the current class of 2016.  I knew most by reputation only, and it was a thrill for me to finally get to meet them in person.  Thank you one and all!” ~ Fred

Everyone seemed to have a great time during this historic day as several inductees expressed tremendous sentiments of gratitude.

“It is truly an honor to share in recognizing and being with individuals who are making a difference in the lives of so many people.”  ~ Regards, Esther Gutierrez-Sloan (2010 NFHOF Inductee)

“Dear John - Thank you so much for including all of us.  It was a fantastic experience.  Such an honor to be part of this incredible family of fitness professionals.  We sincerely appreciate all you do!”  Kind regards, Sara Kooperman (2012 NFHOF Inductee)

“The 2016 National Fitness Hall of Fame was a celebration of the devoted passion of inductees who have dedicated their careers to helping others through exercise.  I seek to provide some meaningful education, research and impact to my colleagues and students. In many ways the induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame is an empowering inspiration for me to continue on this journey.”  ~ Best Wishes, Len Kravitz

We would like to thank all of our fantastic supporters, volunteers and of course give a special “shout-out” to our terrific sponsors, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for helping to make this event possible.

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