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Lance Dreher
David Lyons
Dr. Robert Weil, DPM

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Any health and fitness professional can be nominated for induction consideration if they meet the minimum criteria listed below.  

  • 30+ years of service in the health & fitness industry.
  • A genuine concern for the heath & welfare of others..
  • A documented extensive and diverse work experience in fitness.
  • A nationally recognized "Body of Work."
  • Reached the age of 60


Nominee - A person may be nominated for National Fitness Hall of Fame induction consideration because of significant contributions made in any of the work related areas of health & fitness listed below:


INSTRUCTOR:  Group exercise instructor in a health club, video/DVD and/or television, etc.


TRAINER:  Includes gym owner-operators, personal trainers & coaches in fitness related areas.


EDUCATOR:  Includes professors, teachers, speakers and publishers in the fitness field.


MEDICAL FITNESS:  Includes doctors, chiropractors, allied health professional whose practice goes beyond: including preventive care, sports medicine and fitness conditioning.


EXECUTIVE:  An individual serving a fitness company in at an executive level.