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Vic Tanny

2005 NFHOF Inaugural Inductee

“King of the Health Clubs”





Back in 1961, The Wisdom Society called Vic Tanny, “America’s Most Famous Physical Educator and Greatest Crusader for Better Health and a more Physically Fit Nation.” They devoted more than 40 pages in their special “Physical Fitness Edition Book” in tribute to Tanny’s 25th Anniversary of Record-Breaking - Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education.
Wisdom wrote, “A man who holds deep reverence of the pioneer spirit that produced the great nation, Vic Tanny is appalled at the slough of indolence, indifference and ease into which the average American has permitted himself to slide. They appear unaware that overindulgence in the good things they have created, combined with lack of physical activity, brings on a poisonous, degenerative process which is attaching the moral fiber of their country.”
His answer is simple, “Exercise in some form is a daily necessity. The underlying principle is simply the proper use of every part of your body. The path of physical well-being takes you towards good health and long life.”