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Frank Ruettiger

2012 NFHOF Inductee

Nickname: “Coach Rudy”

Born:  June 11, 1954

Hometown: Shorewood, IL


Frank "Rudy" Ruettiger has been the owner of Rudy’s Gym for over 35 years and has trained thousands of clients. As a past powerlifting champion and world record holder, Francis or Coach Rudy as he is called, is also a strength coach for Joliet Catholic Academy and serves as a defensive line coach.

Coach Rudy teaches “old-school” principles of hard work, maximal effort and grit determination whether in the gym, on the playing field or in the classroom. In many ways, Rudy proudly serves his community!

Training Philosophy - “I teach young athletes the benefits of hard work and hope to instill self-confidence. Remember, it’s easy to quit when times get tough, but if you push through the tough times, you will see that the benefits are very rewarding.”

Client Testimonial - “I would not have made it in my career if not for the guidance of Francis Ruettiger. I owe him everything!” Tom Thayer - Chicago Bears