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Help us create a very special card (booklet) to celebrate
Arnold Schwarzenegger's 70th Birthday.

2005 Inaugural Inductee, Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning 70 in July and we here at the

National Fitness Hall of Fame are creating a special birthday card/booklet congratulating him.  

If you wish to receive a copy, its

Just $10.00

If Arnold has inspired you in some way or another over the years, we would like you to participate by saying “HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY ARNOLD" in your own personal message to him.

Arnold has inspired millions of people across the world and you now have the chance to get a message to him as a National Fitness Hall of Fame Professional or FAN Member.  

NFHOF Professional & FAN Members - Attach a PDF-formated, 1/2-page horizontal message (5" tall x 8" wide) to our email ( and we will put it in a Keepsake Collectible book which we will give to Arnold. 


Arnold said this of his Hall of Fame Induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame...
“I’m honored to have been chosen as a 2005 National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee. Staying fit, and encouraging others to do the same, has always been a very important part of my life. It’s a passion of mine that I’ve been happy to share with anyone and everyone around me.”