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Bobby "Sugar" Hinds

2013 NFHOF Inductee

Nickname: “The Jump Rope King”

Born: September 22, 1931

Hometown: Kenoha, WI


Bobby, the visionary founder of LifelineUSA and legendary "Jump Rope King," pioneered the use of resistance bands and became thier greatest advocate.  Now, nearly 40 years later, Bobby's premium bands permeate the training regimens of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

Bobby "Sugar" Hinds boxed at Wisconsin from1951-1955 where he went undefeated in duel meets and won 38 straight matches.  In 1973, he created his famous beaded jump rope that officially launch Lifeline.  After overcoming poverty,  a speech impediment and time in reform school, Bobby has truly lived a rags-to-riches story.

Bobby's first jump ropes were manufactured in his backyard and were sold as one of the first fitness-oriented businesses in the United States.  First nicknamed the "Jump Rope King" by Time magazine.  Bobby traveled everywhere promoting the benefits of his smooth-action-high-speed-rope.  He created spectacles and when he wasn't on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, he was jumping alligators in Louisana.

The ambitious founder took his jump rope from a backyard factory to being the hottest fitness product in Sears and JC Penny stores in 1976.  His passion for jumping rope also led him to helping start "Jump Rope for Life" with the American Heart Association.

Bobby took his next invention, the Lifeline Portable Gym into production in 1977 promoting the idea of "Pumping Rubber" and setting the stage for Lifeline's growth as a functional fitness pioneer.  Bobby has worked tirelessly to improve the health and lives of people everywhere for more than 40 years.