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Peter Davis

2014 NFHOF Inductee

“Healthy American Fitness Leader”

Born:  March 13, 1956

Hometown: San Diego, CA


Peter is the President and CEO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association.  IDEA is a company that creates products, tools and solutions to educate and grow the fitness industry so that they can continue to change lives, be more successful and better of world.

Peter received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from San Diego State University in 1980. In 1981 and 1982, he was awarded Coach of the Year honors as coach of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) men’s tennis team.  Coming from the strictly regulated world of tennis, the Davisunderstood the importance of organization and ethics in sports, as well as business.  They met a tennis camp at age 13, both competed during college.
After establishing IDEA, the Davis’ introduced the first formal professional fitness certification organization in 1985, the IDEA Foundation, now known as the America Council on Exercise (ACE).  In 30 years, the grass-roots effort, which started in the Davis’ spare bedroom with minimal funds and zero staff, has grown to more 65,000 members and subscribers.  Today, Peter and IDEA continue to lead the way, guided by a common mission to create a healthier planet in concert with professional who are on the front lines of making this vision a reality.  With the launch of IDEA FitnessConnect™ in 2010,  IDEA has created the largest national industry-wide directory linking over 250,000 US fitness professionals to more than 16 million consumers.

In March 2011, Peter began the largest cultural transformation in IDEA’s 30-year history, dramatically shifting priorities from a traditional “work until you drop” environment to a new, original model that emphasizes wellness and happiness.  “Exercise your Happiness” corporate wellness model fosters happiness and supports personal and professional growth of employees in a fun and healthy way.

Peter remains quite active as a tennis player, golfer and runner. He and his wife Kathie have two children, Jason and Kelli.