National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum & Institute

Educate * Motivate * Inspire

Join with the National Fitness Hall of Fame and become a NFHOF Workshop Presenter


Presenters receive:


  • Free Training & Support
  • National Recognition & Exposure
  • A Specific Territory near your Home
  • An Increased Client-Base
  • Great Supplemental Income
  • Annual Bonuses & Awards

2017-2018 Contractor/Presenter Fee - $250

(refundable - see below)

Costs to Get Started:  Was $470  For a Limited time just - $250 (refundable deposit – see Bonus Super Offer below)


  • Independent Contractor’s Fee (2017-2018):  $250  
  • Presenter Training Fee:  $175
  • Start-Up Kit:  $45  (Includes a Presenter Banner & Prop Boards)


Introductory Special:  For a limited time we are waving both the Presenter Training Fee and the Start-Up Fee.  (Save $220)


Bonus Super Offer:  If you are really serious about working with us, sign up now and we will refund the 2017-2018 Contractor’s Fee after you give your first workshop.  ($250 rebate)

You will be taught how to give the National Fitness Hall of Fame’s highly popular workshop

Get Fit & Lose Weight: Why Is It So Difficult?” (45-minutes)  


This is a highly popular workshop and since many people are seeking a simple way to achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals, this is a perfect way to Educate, Motive & Inspire them.   The workshop is not for those who already exercise but rather for those who wish to get started again.  

Workshop can be held in the meeting rooms of public libraries or recreation centers and because the NFHOF is a non-profit organization many times there is little or no charge for the room.  Presenters will also be shown how to contract with organizations and receive a set fee.     


Earn up to $220 per workshop!


Everything is covered in your training including: 


  • Giving Exciting Presentations
  • Contracting the Workshop Site
  • Getting Workshop Reservations
  • Collecting the fee(s) and more!



Click the Buy Now Button above to get started.  


Your training materials will be mailed to you.  (Online training is also included & required)  Complete the training and take the exam.  When you pass and are approved you will be given an agreement contract.  Sign it and return it and then you can start collecting money for giving a workshop that “Educates, Motivates & Inspires” and be working with a great non-profit organization, the National Fitness Hall of Fame.


What are you waiting for?  Start today!


We look forward to having you on our team!


Sincerely, John Figarelli – NFHOF Founder




Q:  Can I be a Presenter even if I am not a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor?


A:  Yes, as long as you have a passion for helping others.


Q:  Will I make $100,000 as a Presenter?


A:  No.  This is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme.  It’s a real workshop designed to help people get back into fitness and provide a great supplemental income and terrific exposure for you.  (You can realistically expect to make $150-$220 per workshop)


Q:  What kind of support will I receive after my training?


A:  The National Fitness Hall of Fame will provide you with a listing on our website, the NFHOF Presenter Logo and all of the support you need to be successful as one of our Presenters!


Q:  Is it really this easy?


A:  YES! - You will be trained (& tested) on the subject matter and you will also be shown how to contract various venues, how to promote the workshop and yourself and how to get people to attend and be inspired!