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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Can anyone register for NFHOF Advanced Fitness Education Courses? 

A:  No. To be eligible to take the NFHOF's Certified Fitness Expert courses, an individual must be a Certified Personal Trainer or Instructor, be a degreed PE teacher (or similar) or be licensed as a Allied Health Care or Sports Medicine Professional.


Q:  What type of promotional assistance do you provide?


A:  We promote our certified professionals (NFHOF-CFE) in several ways. 

1) We provide a listing on our website (alphabetical & by state) & link to your website.

2) You can use the NFHOF-CFE logo in your own promotions.

3) You receive an official NFHOF-CFE JPG image. (if desired)

4) Showcase in our “Year-end” YEARBOOK


Q:  How is your certification different?


A:  The content in our courses is provided by established Fitness Superstars and Legends who have practical experience working in the field of fitness and have reached the pinnacle of success.

NFHOF-CFE's learn how to get more clients, how to make more money, how to expand their careers in fitness and learn the history of fitness which, all together, make them experts in the field and "Best of the Best." 


Q:  Do you offer CECs?


A:  The CFE is an advance course that stands on its own. At this time we do not offer CECs